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Post Mortem Genetic Testing

Post Mortem Genetic Testing. Consultation: $50.00


 Sudden unexplained deaths are always tragic in an infant, young adults under 45, parents, or blood relative you witnessed alive, alert  within days of death. Often, these deaths are assumed to be cardiac related and many are caused by underlying genetic conditions.  Autopsies are an important component to uncovering the cause of death, up to 30% of the time no abnormalities are found in the heart.  A molecular autopsy, or postmortem genetic testing, can provide another opportunity to identify or confirm the cause of death.

Especially when sudden cardiac death occurs in the young, genetic testing may identify inherited cardiac disease in 25-30% of these individuals.  This provides family an opportunity for closure, and also allows other blood relative to be tested for the identified, and often treatable, genetic condition or cancer.  Once identified, these at risk family members can gain access to appropriate screening, early detection, preventative measures, and surveillance measures resulting in longer lifespans.

What is Next Gen PM?  $1800.00 Total exome Sequencing

Next Gen PM is a test that is performed on a blood or tissue sample after an individual has died.  The goal of postmortem genetic testing is to ascertain the cause of death and identify if blood relatives are at-risk for cancer or a genetic disease or sudden death.

NextGen PM testing is done using whole exome sequencing. Pricing Based On Consultation

Post Mortem DNA BANKING: $375


DNA Banking is the secure storage of an individual’s genetic material for future analysis and testing.

In Partnership with The University Of Wisconsin CytoGenetics & Molecular Genectics Laboratory, FMS Can Offer Services For Decedent and Surviving Blood Relatives. Pricing Avail Per Consultation.

Blood Specimens Are collected from surviving relatives At FMS By Licensed Phlebotomist based on Avail Appt. $250


*Post Mortem Specimens Are Colleted By Pathologist During Autopsy Examination* $ Included

*All Consent and Specimen Autorization Forms Provided By FMS*

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